Vecticum is looking for 

Business Development Executive
(based in Vilnius, Lithuania)

At Vecticum we develop software for the best employee experience with everyday workplace tasks. We take people-centric approach to digitalize and automate routine business processes, integrate multi-aim applications into one experience, make it accessible and self-service to everyone in the company. It is intuitive to use and fully transparent on your contribution needed for to make processes run smoothly. With Vecticum you know what you need to complete!

Focus and key deliverables


  • Plan and manage sales campaigns.
  • Create a sales pipeline, manage relationships, and take activities to close deals.
  • Generate leads and cold call prospective customers.
  • Foster and develop relationships with customers/clients.
  • Have a good understanding of the businesses’ products or services and be able to advise others about them.

Business development

  • Proactively participate developing go-to market strategy.
  • Develop relationships with foreign partners building sales process.
  • Foster subscription-based web sales.
  • Research and identify new business opportunities and new ways of reaching existing markets.
  • Contribute defining company development strategy.


  • Take a lead developing company marketing strategy with company executives.
  • Develop marketing campaigns, track effectiveness, and coordinate execution according to the findings.
  • Hiring marketing agencies and supervise their performance reaching the goals.

Experience and qualification

  • Experience: relevant experience in doing similar activities and reaching proven results.
  • Knowledge: good understanding of business processes in finance, supply chain, HR management.
  • Startup: experience in working in highly demanding work environment and reaching high growth.
  • Other: entrepreneurship mindset, consultative, public speaking, experience in developing B2B web subscription sales is an advantage.

Interested ?

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